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It's not too late - The Earth can be Reborn!

Earthmama Farms Mission - Advancing the Shift to a Low Carbon World



The Facility will include an Earth-Ship Greenhouse and Daycare.

Perennial Food Crops will contribute to soil rehabilitation.  We are closely monitoring developments in perennial grain crop and oil seed varieties and will be ready to plant when these crops become available.

Our goal is to build off the grid food processing equipment to help local growers find local processing for their crops, closing the shipping circle and contributing to local food security.

We will offer demonstrations on water harvesting, watershed awareness, and guided eco-tours so that fee-paying guests will have a place to learn about carbon-reduced lifestyle choices (and why they matter).

Best of all, the revenue from the facility will pay for free daycare for low-income families.  By placing children in an environment where carbon-zero policies are in practice, we will plant the seeds within them that a different way of life is possible, to prepare them to face some of the carbon challenges that their ge

Orca Mother Still Carrying her Dead Calf 17 days Later

President’s Message, August 12, 2018

Right now we as humans are being given the opportunity to witness the incredible endurance of a mother whale who is literally showing the world her dead baby, sending the human race a message that what we’re doing is killing them.

Scientists are documenting that every recent baby in this pod has died. They have had no live births in the past three years. If we don’t do something to help them, this could be the beginning of an extinction, literally documented and recorded right in front of us.

Despite the language barrier, at great personal sacrifice, J35 is non-verbally communicating with us from underwater, telling us that their conditions are not survivable.

In keeping with the Earthmama mission, we urge you honour her strength and think about what you can do to lower your footprint. Whether it’s by choosing paper over plastic, walking, cycling, carpooling, composting, building healthy soil or other means, we all have the ability to do something.

Our children’s children need to live in a world that has whales in it. We can all be a little more mindful of our footprint.

Please don’t let this mama whale’s message go unheeded.





Heather Derks

President, Earthmama Farms


Stephanie Vanoosteroom,

Vice President, Earthmama Farms


Tara Peters

Treasurer, Earthmama Farms


Amber Irvine,

Secretary, Earthmama Farms



Our Vision:


We at Earthmama Farms Daycare have a vision.  One day, through the proceeds of an eco-tourism / agri-food social enterprise, we want to be able to offer free daycare and group benefits to low-income moms, so that they can attend educational courses and go after their dreams. 

Artist's Concept of Future Earthmama Facility

(By Kathy Root Marys)



 It's not too late!  The Earth can be Re-born!





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