Earthmama Farms
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It's not too late - The Earth can be Reborn!

Providing low cost starter plants grown from organic seed to residents or community groups in  the St. Thomas area

Get Growing!  

As Earthmama Farms is a Non-Profit run by volunteers, Get Growing is our annual fundraiser through which we raise the money that we need to run our programs.  The program features low cost starter vegetable plants available for purchase for $1.00.  All Get Growing plants are grown in biodegradeable hand-folded paper plant boxes lovingly hand folded by our faithful Earthmama volunteers.  Each one contains a mix of Silverthorne's mushroom compost and Black Earth Topsoil.  Planting instructions are simple - to avoid root damage during transplanting, thoroughly soak your biodegradeable plant pot and put it directly into the ground, a pot, or a container garden.  Then water well!  The worms in the soil will break up the paper pot, leaving behind waste that fertilizes your soil as your plant's roots feed directly on the nourishing compost you have burried with them.  Remeber - for best results, transplant on a cloudy day or during cool weather as the hot sun will be draining on the new transplant.

If you are interested in purchasing plants in support of Hope Starts, please fill in the form below the list of available varieties:

-Cherry Tomatoes - sweet delicious flavour and few seeds

-Beaverlodge Slicing Tomatoes - A wonderful, early, beefsteak-like tomato with plenty of yield

-King of the North Bell Pepper - Early, sweet Bell Pepper.  Pick while green or leave on the vine until Red.

-Jalepeno Pepper - A medium-hot Jalepeno which is flavorful when green or red. - SOLD OUT!

-Cayenne Pepper - Packed with great nutrition, these Cayennes add zing to recipes and salsas

-Genovese Basil - A hearty herb with many culinary uses.  Enjoy fresh in salads and pestos or dry and use all winter.

-Garden Sage (Perennial) - Nice, fragrant green leaves which can be snipped to add to poultry dishes or dried for winter use

-Thyme (Perennial) - Powerhouse herb that grows late into the year

-Anise Hyssop - Perennial plant with edible, ornamental lavendar coloured flowers that attract pollenators 

-Yarrow - Perennial herb with long history of medicinal use. Repels mosquitos

Antohi Romanian Sweet Pepper - Tasty frying peppers that start off yellow and ripen to red. Sweet flavour, early ripener.