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Earthmama Farms Mission - To Advance a Shift Towards a Less Carbon Reliant Future

Long Term Goals of our organization include the creation of an Outdoor Museum where visitors can walk through a series of exhibits depicting the formation of the Great Lakes from the Ice Age forward.  The tour will visit centuries of sustainable First Nations Inhabitancy and document the effect of industrialization and its impacts suh as rising carbon levels.  Paying particular emphasis on Lake Erie and the reason for the record harmful algal blooms that have been present in recent years, the tour will end by offering guests strategies as to how they can reduce their overall footprint and lead a carbon friendlier life with fewer impacts on the natural environment in Elgin County.  


Soil Regeneration

F ar from over is the story on soil health in Southwestern Ontario.  All over the world, people are just beginning to understand the importance of implementing Soil Regeneration Strategies into food production.  To help explain what is meant by this term, we have provided a link to a very informative video called The Soil Story, below.

The Soil Story

"The regeneration of soil is the task of our generation." - The Soil Story

The Eco Tour will lead guests through an understanding of why rising carbon levels are a problem, and how Soil Regeneration can actually help to reverse some of the damage by pulling carbon back into the soil.  Our Agroforestry Orchard and Perennial Food Crops will serve as demonstration plots that visitors can learn from, and then take this technology home to implement in their backyard, community organization, or group garden space. Features will include:

  • Carbon Farming
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Agro Forestry

But the best part is that the Tour will function as a Social Enterprise where marginalized persons from our area can apply for employment, so that they can build job skills and resume experience to help them transition into new careers.

The site will also be the future home of the Hope Starts Junior Gardeners Program and other great initiatives that will evolve as research better helps us understand the roles that we have to play in advancing the shift towards a Less Carbon Reliant Future

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