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It's not too late - The Earth can be Reborn!

EFD provides resources to the community that strengthen local food security, advance women's economic security, and conserve the natural environment.

About Us

Heather Derks, Founder and Chair - Heather is a writer, gardener, and student of Permaculture who is also a mother of two young children.  "I started Earthmama because I wanted to help provide a place of positivity for women and children in Central Elgin, and I wanted to do it in a way that helps protect the environment for the next generation," Heather says.  "This way, when my kids grow up to be teenagers, and they look at me and ask why I didn't do something to protect their water and food supply, I'll be able to show them that I tried."
Stephanie VanOosteroom, Vice President -  As VP, Stephanie is responsible for helping to identify the direction the company is moving in.  She regularly offers creative suggestions and solutions as issues come up, and she is also our resident expert on all things related to food and cooking.  She  has a passion for healthy living, local foods, supporting local farmers and the great outdoors.  "To be a part of Earthmama Farms Daycare gives me the chance to make a difference in the community and help bring this unique project to life," says Stephanie.

Tara Peters - Treasurer, Client Voice Rep. - As client voice representative on the board of directors, Tara evaluates all strategic decisions made by the board from our clients' perspective.  In addition to overseeing our financial accounts, Tara keeps us mindful of things that might make accessing our services challenging for the people we're trying to help.  "Raising my daughter alone, I know first hand how hard it can be to get ahead.  That's why what we're doing at Earthmama is so important.  We're giving women the chance to succeed, a chance they might not otherwise have."    

Katie Jordan, Secretary -   Katie Jordan is a secondary school teacher and mother to 3 young children.  Katie is passionate about local food and sustainability, and shares this passion with her family through daily life on their small farm.  Katie joined the Earthmama Board in 2014 and was elected secretary at the annual meeting in March 2014. 

“I am excited for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of women and children, while at the same time protecting our local environment and teaching sustainable living for future generations”.